LEGO Brand Retail Yorkdale – October Fan Window

Chernabog from Disney's Fantasia

Chernabog from Disney’s Fantasia


As a member of Torolug, I had the fortune of being able to build a display window the LEGO Brand Retail store at Yorkdale Mall for the month of October.  I had wanted to build a model of Chernabog from Fantasia for some time (nearly 3 years from when I first had the idea), and felt it would be a good fit for a Halloween themed build.

Originally when I envisioned the model 3 years ag, I had imagined a large motorized
assembly being a part of it.  Unfortunately, the scale I chose for the window couldn’t really accommodate that vision – but I had a new idea: magnets.  By attaching a series of magnets to a gear assembly, I was able to create an interactive experience through the plexiglass cover, allowing kids to play with the model without touching it using a magnet from the outside.  Rotating the gear causes my little sign to spin.

Due to what turned into a very busy September, I didn’t have a lot of time to put the model together.  I started this one afternoon, worked a bit into the evening, and spent the next day and evening finishing the build.  It took a total of about 12-14 hours altogether, and although I had to scale my model down a bit to get it to fit into the window, I am really happy to see it completed.

You can check out the model in person at the LEGO Brand Retail store at Yorkdale mall throughout the month of October.  Be sure to ask for a magnet from one of the staff members!

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