Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Made

1545877_758247044202698_1534226391_nWhen I began my life as a freelance LEGO Brick Artist, I was fortunate to not only build some great models, but some great connections as well. I think my favourite part of being a Brick Artist has to be all of the awesome people I have met along the way. I have been really fortunate to collaborate on many unique visions, and one of my first projects has definitely remained one of the Coolest that I’ve ever worked on.

Guy Georgeson is a television editor and producer, and when we met he had just begun crafting a pilot for a digital media series called Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Made.  The premise was that he would go across North America, and view awesome creations created by amateurs.  Note – don’t confuse amateur with poor quality, as I use the term strictly in the sense that these people were creating objects purely for pleasure and with little to no financial benefit.

One thing that Guy wanted to incorporate was a stop-motion opening and closing sequence for the series captured in LEGO bricks.  Guy had a pretty clear vision of what he wanted it to look like, but didn’t know how to bring it to life.  After a few meetings together, we hammered out a plan for the design, and I took the design back to my workshop to build the model.  It wasn’t too long after that we were filming.

Guy had crafted this pilot with a plan to enter it into the New York Television Festival, where it would be up for a chance to win the grand prize: to become a full web series sponsored by MSN Video.  Coolest Thing I’ve Ever made ended up winning that contest, and became a full-fledged series, detailing such awesome creations as backyard planetariums, full-sized replica train cars in basements, and completely functional hovercrafts.  You can check out more information on that award here:

1743500_767574739936595_651989773_nThe first series is currently offline as Guy is preparing for developing season 2, but while he is building upon this success, the series has gone on to be nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for  for Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media – Non-Fiction (See more at:…/Digital-Media)

I have really enjoyed following the development of this project, and Guy’s passion in it, and look forward to publishing more news about the series as season 2 is produced and season 1 comes back online, hopefully in time for the CSA ceremonies in March.  You can follow Guy’s developments through his webpage
or through the series’ Facebook page.

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