BrickManGraeme featured in The Toronto Star


As a member of my local club of adult LEGO fans, I received a request from The Toronto Star to participate in an article featuring ‘big kids’ who never stopped loving LEGO. Our club, ToroLUG, doesn’t have a regular meeting space, so I suggested meeting at my workshop, as I not only have space to host a small gathering, but the reporter also thought that a functioning LEGO workshop would make a perfect backdrop for the story.

It was a fun night for me to gather with fellow LEGO builders, but also to speak with the press and have the crew come in, take some photos, and share how our mutual love of these tiny little bricks have unlocked an amazing world for all of us.

As a professional artist and model builder, working with LEGO bricks daily to build creations for corporations across the country, I was able to highlight to the reporter how my approach to the hobby differed from those of my friends present – but that the love for creativity was still a common bond that united us all.

Whether through my time as Canada’s orginal Master Model Builder with LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto, or through my current role as a freelance LEGO builder and artist, I have had amazing opportunities to work all across Canada, and meet LEGO builders from coast to coast. LEGO building continues to open up more and more doors for creative expression, and I look forward to the amazing ways that I can continue in my profession and in my art to bring people together in innovative and collaborative ways.

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